Reviews of GHOST

"This is a great spiritual journey in music that deserves repeated listening. Honestly, I listened to the EP five times in the first 24 hours I had it!"  

~Billy Kaplan, singer songwriter, Chicago

"This is a smart album that I'll refer to in times of trouble and joy, much like a good book. ...If you like music with heart, soul and fun, you'll like Ghost." 

~Chuck Denson, producer and voice over artist, Wilmington, NC

“This vulnerable and courageous album is filled with honest, heartfelt lyrics as Fox effortlessly conveys universal needs and longing."

~Dave Birksing songwriter, Minneapolis

"There are no superfluous notes here. No accidents. Fox Vernon and Ghost speaks like a man who won’t talk until he’s got something worth saying." 

~Todd Potochnik, songwriter and bassist, DC Metro Area

"Fox Vernon is a gifted multi-instrumentalist with a knack for crafting strong melodies and creating atmosphere."

~Dave Ihmels, singer songwriter, DC Metro Area