Todd Potochnik (Virginia, DC metro area)

The aptly named Ghost, a debut EP by singer/songwriter Fox Vernon, reveals a gaze turned inward, exposing haunted memories in five songs that skirt between airy despair and guarded hope and celebration

Playing guitar like a sonic tour guide, staying comfortably between the lines with chordal picking flair and a tone reminiscent of Mark Knopfler, Vernon turns standard songwriting approaches upside down and attempts to make the personal universal. What’s revealed is a private, nearly diary-like longing to connect with the spectral tenants who populate his songs.

The dark, heavy edge of the lyrical style is lightened and blunted by tight song craft and the restrained musical ambitions of his band. There are no superfluous notes here. No accidents. Fox Vernon and “Ghost” speaks like a man who won’t talk until he’s got something worth saying.


Billy Kaplan (Chicago-based singer-songwriter)

Listening to Fox Vernon’s EP Ghost was like putting the needle down on one of my favorite albums: it fit so perfectly in the groove, brought me comfort like the hug from an old friend, and left me with ear-worms throughout the rest of my day. The wonderful melodies and delightfully unexpected arrangements of this EP are supported by a beautiful production process. This is a great spiritual journey in music that deserves repeated listening. Honestly, I listened to the EP five times in the first 24 hours I had it!